Manual ipv6 address setting in NetworkStatus GUI affects IPv4

In the existing codebase, if we manually assign IP to ipv6 or disable/autoconfig, either of them through NetworkStatus app, and ipv4 has no entry in “interfaces” file, then next time, the system boots up , ipv4 gets disabled.

I have made code changes (after @PulkoMandy 's suggestion)to resolve this issue. Just want to know if I can create bug for this issue on trac and then submit my patch.


You can create a ticket on trac if you want, but it is not required to do so.
And in this case since you already fixed it it may not be neccesary to make one. : )

Feel free to submit the patch directly, you can find instructions here: Get the Haiku Source Code / Pushing Patches to Haiku 101 | Haiku Project

@nephele @waddlesplash @PulkoMandy Would love to have your feedback on this patch

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