Make bootable Haiku DVD installer on Mac

I am reading this tutorial for creating a bootable dvd on Mac:

But the SimpleBurns app does not run on my macbook air with macOS Catalina 10.15. It says the app needs to be updated and close automatically. What are the other options out?

I used the Etcher USB tool and created a disc with a windows machine which will burn the image without any special software. Not that I had any luck with either media. In the end I managed to run the installer in a virtual machine in Linux.

My honest response as a fellow mac user - given that you are asking about how to create a bootable media - is to forget about a native install and perhaps play about with it within a virtual machine instead. You don’t have to burn a physical disk, just point your virtual machine at the ISO you downloaded. Native install has to contend with Mac booting firmware tripping up a lot of people, not to mention that if you have a newer mac it might also have a security chip preventing you booting into other OS anyway.

If you search the forum there is a thread for Haiku on Mac which includes a whole tutorial on creating a mac install using the virtual machine to install it on - if you decide to do it anyway.

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Unfortunately Rufus does not work on Mac,it only supports Windows.
But you can try Express Burn,this tool can create a bootable DVD on Mac.

And follow this tutorial to do that on your Mac.
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