Make an event better than Google Summer of Code and more inclusive

We could create an event much better than Google Summer of Code 2013 chamandos the university students to develop solutions in groups, the groups would be composed of students from around the world and have a mentor to manage the situation. Someone propose?

I have my issues with Google as a company, but complaining about charity because you only got it most of the times you wanted it instead of every time is just petty.

but GSoC is also related to money, i guess you noticed that.

I remember not much time ago haiku got a donation from google of about 5.000 dollar, and some people started to complain, that it’s too less. Another was saying that google just wants to make self-publicity with this donation, etc.

Well, it seems, google doesn’t need anymore publicity related to haiku.
Google did a lot for the open-source community, and still there are some crazy, paranoic guys who imagine that google does all that because they are evil and all based on a commercial strategy. The question is, if it’s such a good commercial strategy to spend millions in GSoC every year, why doesn’t anybody else copy them? like microsoft, apple, oracle etc…

Define ‘better’, typically many students take summer jobs in order to make money, Google’s Summer of Code offers them the opportunity of working on open source projects as a ‘summer job’ and get well paid doing so.

Furthermore Google also pays money to the mentoring organisation for each successful project, which can be quite a boon for small projects like Haiku, not to mention the actual code contributions.

For what it is worth… I don’t know but did any of the developers complain at all I highly doubt it. Mostly just random people on the internet… you know how that is.

As far as that goes I’m mostly just a ramdom person on the Internet :wink:

I wouldnt suggest a “better” event than gsoc. This wouldnt be realistic and its not esay to set up.
But what we should to is to develop a strategie + Material (Fyler, Presentation(running on haik?) + bootable stick pack, …) wich everyone can use to do a information-day at the local university / and or Haiku Install partys.

Rather than try outdoing GSOC, I think a better idea would be for Haiku to partner with a university. We should see if any college professors who teach CS/Software Engineering etc. are on here, and see if they can convince their department to talk to the Haiku developers. Maybe we can make some sort of negotiation and get said university to sponsor us.