Mailing lists vs. forum


I noticed that on the new haiku homepage, all links to team mailing lists are gone. Does that mean the mailing lists are being replaced by the forum?

greets philipp

ps: great new website! keep up the good work!

I must admit I hate mailing lists. Watching the interface kit is interesting however. There’s always something interesting going on. I just keep quiet, as I can’t really contribute like I would want to. :frowning:

I like the idea of everything being in a forum. Searching is more readily accessible that way, and adding to an old topic automatically ties in everything that’s already been said on the topic.

What I mean is, if someone posts something that some people have already hashed out way back when, the poster has the excuse that he/she didn’t know where to find the archives. Not only that, but if the information is in fact new, people who weren’t around for the original thread, or who have forgotten its details, also have to dig through the archive. With a forum, it’s all right there.


I don’t know. I like the idea of keeping both.

There are some topics suited for the forum, some for the mailing list.

The mailing list is more geared for internal developer debates and help, minor milestone announcements for the different teams, and of course, CVS announcements and checkins.

The forum is great for user questions, more generalized stuff, community stuff, and apparently stuff like this.

Hmm… very true. How do we avoid duplication, then? Draw clear lines for which information types go where? Or just let it be?


That’s a good question. My vote would be for letting them sort things out themselves. I think they would pretty much naturally separate.

And sometimes mailing list stuff will spill over onto the forum, but by that point, hopefully, it’ll be more focused for the user end.

I’m sure people will be more than willing to redirect questions and things to the forum (where I suppose most things will belong, especially the closer we get to R1).

I guess the only thing would be, when in doubt, use the forum.

Personally I prefer forums to mailing lists. I get enough email as it is. The problem is I ended up answering people’s email late and by then, the issue was usually sorted.

With forums, I can just view all the posts since I was last here and start answering them (if need be).

So, if you’re after the Applications/Preferences Team (new name coming soon) hit us on the forums please :slight_smile:

As I am on the sideline watching, I would prefer the forum instead of the mailing lists. It is a nice way for me to follow up on the developement and maby have greater understanding of how the OS work’s once it is released… 8)