Mail not sent

I am trying to set up my GMX mail account as described on the mail providers homepage: Serverdaten für IMAP und SMTP - GMX Hilfe

IMAP works successful but I cannot get SMTP to work. It should work with SSL on port 465, so I selected SSL in the Mail app. On other Mail clients I also choose Plain/Password as authentication method but I could not find it here.

The Mails are not sent and I did not find a log file to see what is missing.

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to get the log output you can do this in the Terminal:
You can stop the mail server with launch_roster (find the service name with “post” in it)

Then stop it like “launch_roster stop ”
After you did this you can launch the service manually like

the path is probably wrong, i’m writing this from memory.
Anyhow, you should then have the log output in the terminal visible.

I use Mail with GMX and it will work. I’ll try to see how I have it configured and respond ASAP.