Mail_daemon debug log

Is there an option to log mail_daemon traffic at some level?

Thought I’d give it a try, and while for one account it seemed to work, the second account I’m getting nothing - no folders, no mail received - though it works for sending mail, and seems to be able to detect folders.

(I assume you mean the mail_daemon and not some 3rd party “mail_server”, maybe edit the subject, if I’m correct.)

You can have a look at the mail_deaemon’s output when starting it from Terminal. Since the launch_daemon will automaticlly re-launch it, you have to stop it first with launch_roster stop x-vnd.Be-POST

Then start the deamon again from Terminal with /system/servers/mail_daemon

Thanks! Interesting. It’s a little messy - two different accounts and one of them working OK, may have to delete one of the accounts in order to look at the other. But what I see in there, it goes through the folder getting flags and status 500 messages at a time. There are close to 8,000, so it’s a good idea to break it down - but then it apparently decides 8,000 messages isn’t so much after all, because it issues a big “UID FETCH” command that I only get to see 2048 bytes of, so I don’t know what it’s asking for, but … I guess it doesn’t get it, because that’s the last I hear, no A0000020 OK response.

I’m guessing, “Mail” isn’t for big folders.