Mail and encryption (other features)



I looked a little into the mail apps for Haiku. As the native mail program is utilizing the filesystem’s tags I wanted to ask some questions about the future of the mail program(s):

  • Is there any current work for improving Mail?
  • Does Mail support plugins like the Tracker?
  • Does Mail have support/integration for People (like using People for storing/receiving crypto keys)?
  • Is there some discussion about future features of Mail (encryption/signing)?
  • Mail or ?



A good program is Beam, but i does not know if it is running perfect at the moment, long time no work on it.


Thanks. I will look into it.

I assume that Mail would still be the preferred solution if someone would work on it?


Mail got some pretty significant bugfixing since the beta, otherwise there isn’t a ton of activity, no. We are more focused on general system stability; if there was more developer time to go around, we’d probably invest some of it into Mail indeed…