Macbook Air 7,2 USB boot issues

Hello everyone, I have been trying to boot Haiku from USB on my Macbook Air but it doesn’t go beyond the splash screen. The first time that I tried to boot it, it reached the hard drive icon and then crashed with the message “did not find any boot partitions”. Strangely enough subsequent attempts wont even get to the same point, all the icons remain grayed out. I tried using the shift key to boot but nothing happens. I also tried to flash the USB memories (2.0 and 3.0) with a fresh install and also used both the original beta and the latest build but nothing changes. Correct me if I’m wrong but some people reported success booting from USB using Macbook. Do you have any tips suggestions?

If you are booting the beta, please try the nightly there have been massive improvements to USB 3.0 support since the last beta.

Hello, thanks but I already tried multiple nightly builds and used both 3.0 and 2.0 USB drives. Unless you know about a specific build that works on my laptop.

you’d have to ask @waddlesplash he would know if this is an known issue or not. you can also search at for bug reports related your computer.

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On EFI machines you have to use the spacebar, not shift, to reach the boot menu.

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Is that difference really necessary? I think there are still many users that miss that bit while trying to install and boot Haiku. Couldn’t we just have a single key (or both available) for both EFI and non-EFI boot loaders?

Unfortunately, no (of course, we didn’t do this just to annoy users…).

Holding space confuses some BIOSes which will stop at “keyboard error, press F1 to continue” or similar messages. The BIOS loader also tests shift as a more reliable way.

With UEFI, we didn’t find a way to test for modifier keys on their own, so we have to use a “real” key, so spacebar it is. Maybe we missed something and it’s possible to also test modifiers, I didn’t check myself.


Right now I only get a black screen when I press space bar. I will keep checking builds to see if something changes, if not I will create a ticket.