Mac OS X features

schlesi posted: I'm new to this forum (and new to BeOS), and that's my wish list for Haiku:
  • Video-Chat like Apple’s iChat, compatible to iChat and AIM, later support for H.264
  • a good adress book and calendar app/PIM
  • support for Bluetooth
  • ability to sync cell phone and PIM
  • OpenOffice
  • Java SDK
  • support for notebooks (power management, processor throttling, suspend, battery fuel status, …)
  • something like Apple’s Exposé
  • something like Apple’s iTunes
  • a tool for managing Apple’s iPod
ashkarkm said: Hey.., HAIKU is not a new version of MacOS. Wink this is BeOS, it has its own style of doing and presenting things.. watch for the best.. Your wish list seems to be very challenging for the time being.

Granted, it’s not a recreation of Mac OS X, and recreating iCal/iTunes/Address Book and friends might be best left to third-parties, but some kind of data synchronization backend (I think apple calls it Sync Services or something like that) would be very nice. Any app that supports synchronization through App Server would be able to sync to BlueTooth, etc.

I second the expose thing, BTW. Wouldn’t even need to act like expose (I don’t need the animation, for example), just some way of switching apps real quick (like center mouse button).

EDIT: Note to self… “add reply,” not “add topic.” Duh. Was supposed to be in reply to “My wish list”