Mac os Dual Boot

I have boot Haiku using Etcher and run it on mac os.
But I can’t connect with wifi, and set brightness.
Can someone help?

Not sure what Mac model you’re using, but on my 2011 MBP, it has the same limitations. The AirPort Extreme card (Apple’s term for the wifi card; in my case, a Broadcom bcm4331) does not work, but Ethernet works fine. Maybe try plugging into Ethernet or use a wifi extender or network bridge for now? As for brightness, Haiku displays at full brightness, and afaik, doesn’t have a Brightness preflet for the Mac.

In any case, there is other hardware you can run Haiku on; see the Computers compatible with Haiku (v2) thread for a list of working hardware as one example. There’s also other databases, such as BeSly, as well.

Thanks you very much