Lxr for source code browsing?

Lately I was searching around for possibilities of cross-referenced source code browsing of the Haiku source tree to make source code comprehension easier.

One (free software) option that caught my eye first, was the Redhat Source Navigator. I only took a short look at it, but the available Windows binary seemed to do its job. Compiling under BeOS R5, though, isn’t possible, because it relies on TCL/TK, and to my knowledge at least the TK-part isn’t available for BeOS.

The other option was a webserver based solution that works with Perl scripts, Linux Cross Reference. I tried it today on a SuSe Linux installation and it seems to work as well. The Haiku source tree and the generated database are much too big to upload on the webspace I have, though. An example can be seen here: Mozilla Cross Refernce. I’m sure the Bezilla developers must be familiar with this.

I don’t know, whether the Haiku website is currently on a dedicated server (with cron jobs and all that) or in a shared environment, but if there are free resources, maybe it could be worth to add a thing like this.

Without lxr, bezilla development would be almost impossible. It’s a great tool and might be helpful for Haiku.

At least Haiku is nicely modular though, so most team leads know pretty much what goes where in their own area of interest, and you don’t have to chase dependencies all over the source tree (cough, mozilla, cough). For new devs trying to find their way around it would be helpful to have a fully linked version of the code I suspect.