luckyBackup is a nice backup application

I wanted to share that information for some time now…better late than never…
So, since I am using Haiku (64bit) as my main home OS I wanted to be able to backup my data. I consider it an important piece of functionality in order to use an OS as my main personal system.

Since I love Haiku (!) I was prepared to even do manual file system copies if needed but luckily I don’t need to.

So, searching through Haiku depot I found luckyBackup, which is not a native app, but works well, has lot of options and seems written with caution and attention. UI could be improved but you do find your way around and displays all needed info. It uses rsync under the hood but we need to install it separately through Depot. It doesn’t get installed through dependencies.

I am using it manually (although can be automated) to backup on an external HDD formatted in BeFS.


There is also lbackup in

Thanks! I will check that as well :blush:

glad it work for you…