Lua issues

Been looking into getting luarocks and lua working nicely together after an issue created at haikuports:

While I got most of the things up and running I still facing issue with 32bit version, current luarocks in the depot installs in the wrong place, building with gcc2 resolves into a missing symbol.

On 64bit both work nicely together and installing rocks manually or through a hpkg are detected by lua.

Going a bit nuts on this as this has been driving me crazy. Anyone with a bit of lua knowlidge is welcome to reply here or at the PR’s at github.

Lua: lua5.4, bump version by Begasus · Pull Request #10642 · haikuports/haikuports · GitHub

Luarocks: laurocks, revbump for share/data directory structure by Begasus · Pull Request #10643 · haikuports/haikuports · GitHub

EDIT: Added 64bit lua and luarocks packages at: Haiku_Testdrive/lua at master · Begasus/Haiku_Testdrive · GitHub

Make BACKUPS from existing installs before trying these out, it worked fine on my setup, but better safe then sorry. :slight_smile:

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