Lua bindings for the Haiku API

Hi everyone,

as some of you may know, the Lua programming language has already been ported to Haiku ( However, support for the native Haiku API is still missing; in other words, we need someone to work on Lua bindings for the Haiku API. Any volunteers?

While C++ will always remain the undisputed language of choice for Haiku programming, having at our disposal other (more user-friendly) languages would be not only nice, but also a major boost for Haiku.
Lua is an incredibly easy language to learn and use, and very powerful at the same time. Implementing a proper Lua support in Haiku is sure to attract lots and lots of developers (interestingly, Lua is the favorite language of many game developers).

Darkwyrm (the author of the C++ programming lessons for Haiku) has kindly offered to share his expertise (in particular, with regard to the GUI interface) with anyone willing to work on creating the Lua bindings, though he is too busy to take up the project himself.

Will some brave soul step forth and get this work started?


[Note: I am double posting this both on the Haiku-OS and the Haikuware forums, not being sure which place is the most appropriate - To moderators: feel free to move this posting to where it fits]

I reply to my own post. I am happy to report that DarkWyrm is working on Lua bindings, which are partially complete already. We are anxiously waiting.


Long live DarkWyrm !


What is the status of Lua bindings?
regards lorglas