Low profile soundcard for Haiku?

I’m looking for a low profile PCI soundcard for haiku, optionally with digital outs and/or midi.
After I gave up my field tests with linux & audio – admittedly a silly idea – a desktop core2duo would be free, which I would like to use for minor audio tasks. Would be thankful for any hint.

I have a Soundblaster live working on haiku beta 2. Normal audio seems to work fine. This particular card has header outs for digital i/o. There have been adapter boards manufactured but it looks like it’s not that difficult to get something working as you can see in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVNSyRAwVXs (I have the same model) but I haven’t tested the digital stuff yet although all the outputs are listed in the audio mixer window.

I haven’t tested the gameport/midi stuff either but got a cheap usb midi adapter working so now I will do some tests especially with the gameport. It seems you can pick up one of these for very cheap.

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Thanks a lot for your tip and the video. I’ve got the SoundBlaster live, too.
The only problem is the height. It does’nt fit in my low profile case :frowning:
And you’re right, midi isn’t necessary. Today, i’ve plugged my faderfox via USB
and it was working out of the box!

Afaik there eas some lov profile SBLive version. Have you researched this already?

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It this is still current, you could refer to this:

You could try to find a low profile SB Live/Audigy (never heard of those) or something ICE1712 based (also don’t know if there are any low profile boards). You could also try Open Sound System for Haiku as well, but I have no idea where to find a list of supported hardware for it, but it probably supports plenty of not-so new C-Media and Crystal sound chips. At least in FreeBSD this is the list of supported hardware for OSS: https://www.freebsd.org/releases/12.0R/hardware.html

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I’ve found a low profile edition of a newer SoundBlaster only, but without any hints of compability.
Then i’m going to deep dive for a slim SB Live again …

Good idea, thank you!

update: Gameport/Midi input seems to work just fine with my SB live. (For those who are new to haiku one can easily check midi input with demos/patch bay)


Ah, thanks for the tip

EDIT: but how to use it?

I would love to find a PCI-e sound card (ideally low profile) that works with Haiku. Even better if it has a digital output (S/PDIF or coaxial) so I can drive my external DAC.

Startech is selling a low profile PCIe sound card.
If we have the driver for the audio codec and our HDA driver supports it there is a chance it can work.
Has anyone ever tried this?

… thank you all for the ideas and recommendations. I did a deep scan at Amazon, eBay and eBay Kleinanzeigen again, but unfortunately found nothing. »Nothing« is’nt true of course, but there are very expensive models and/or cards with incompatible chipsets left.
But i’m going to continue :slight_smile:

Well i plugged a midi i/o cable in the gameport and used some midi hardware to send midi to the pc. Then in patch bay i got a green indication light that i am receiving midi.

Since then I installed beta2 32bit and tried sequitur, recorded some midi tracks and simultaneously send them out to midi hardware.

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Thank you, cocobean. I had these also on my list, but was distracted by the long slot plate.
But this is silly, since a removal or modification of that part is possible, of course.
By the way i’ve found out, that many Sound Blaster models are hiding a S/pdif output »behind« their analog output. I ordered already a SB0570 and have an eye on a second SB1570 …

There are an older list with Hardware tested with haiku.


Based on the tests 2011-2016 by chaotic


Original blog


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I’m sorry, but the SB0570 is’nt working (here) :frowning:
It arrived today, it shows up in the preferences, but no sound at all (tested opensound, too).
the various sound applications (for example LMMS) don’t highlight the play button or move the time bar …

SB0570 - OSS, SB1570 - HDA.
Open a bug report. Ensure HDA driver is blacklisted
for this card and provide oss output info through terminal (and syslog/listdev for devs).

I had blacklisted /kernel/drivers/dev/audio/hmulti/hda, right?
In a next step i deactivated internal audio in the bios, but it did’nt helped.

Sorry to ask, but it’s the first time for me: How can i provide the oss output and listdev?

Open terminal window from desktop GUI menu:

  1. listimage|grep drivers
  2. listdev
  3. lpe /var/log/syslog
  4. ossinfo
  5. osstest
  6. ossmix

NOTE: OSS needs a driver patch to get this one working. I removed the card info earlier, but updating the driver is an option. The ASUS Xonar D1 is suitable and already driver supported.

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What does this sentence means? To get working what?