Losing path parts past reboot

Is it a know bug to lose parts of a path after new start of the system?

/downloads/haiku/programs is the right part and past remount on startup it is /haiku/programs only

Haiku hrev 52295+129
Filesystem is ntfs (/downloads)

If not known i will do a bug report.

I don’t understand you, sorry. Please explain what the problem is exactly, and in order. Did a file move from one place to another? Did an ntfs disk end up not being mounted at the same place? I’m missing some information, I think.

And in any case, the bugtracker has a search button. Try to search there, and if you can’t find anything, make a bugreport. The worst thing that can happen is we close it as a duplicate. No shame in that. It’s less annoying than having it both in the forum and the bugtracker, because we can’t close a forum post as duplicate of a bugreport.

Don’t be shy to use the bugtracker! It’s not very different from a forum, after all!

I know, but i see you font understand me, so a post here are noch false before :grin:

Ok again i mount a hdd downloads and open there the folder /Downloads/haiku/apps. Afer i start the pc another day the disk will be mounted als /haiku/apps insted of Downloads/haiku/apps

@BeRUS reported something similar this summer. After reboot root mount point was missing for him:



Can you add here the link to the bug report, so i can check time to time the Status?

I’m not sure if he ever reported it.