Looking for Zeta 1.5 CD

I’m looking for a zeta 1.5 CD or USB boot image. I will upload it to archive.org if someone provides it. I know I’m just supposed to install 1.2 and then upgrade to 1.5, but it’s a catch-22 since I don’t have hardware that boots 1.2.

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Use a VM and pass a physical disk to install and update the system, then move the physical disk into the target machine as a workaround.

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You can find it in the BeOS collection at archive.org: zeta : yellowTAB / magnussoft : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive


its also here… no affiliation…

BeOS, Be Inc. - Старый DOS. Abandonware, старые игры и программы - скачать! (old-dos.ru)


Since Zeta 1.5 was never officially released (as far as I remember the last one was 1.2) you won’t find any CD or USB. Only the beta testers had the 1.5.

Going through some backups I believe the last release for ZETA on CD was 1.21 (updates came as separate packages after that IIRC)

Ran into this image @lelldorin :wink:

The 1.5 update package for 1.2 owners was released publicly, as were a few patches to specific apps after it (these are probably all lost).

I don’t think any pressed CDs of 1.5 were released. I might, but probably don’t, still have an image that I was given of a 1.5 release though.

That’s right, it was an update package. I’ll see if I still have the update package somewhere on my backups.
There were also screenshots on our BeSly page.

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Was looking through my backups from back then, couldn’t find an iso for version 1.5, the update package I still have (along with some other package updates). :slight_smile: (even the icon packages I created back then) :smiley:

I have the 1.5 upgrade CD, here’s an old picture

Googled for a better picture than mine and found it has been uploaded to archive.org less than a month ago.


here you can find it here archive.org/details/z1_20230421 and anyone have ZETA DELUXE 1.0 i need a copy i will pay it pm plz regads InternetArchive wuha

There was such a thing as 1.0 Deluxe, different from this one?


I think the different of deluxe Zeta Neo and Standart is the App Packs in the neo gives wlan driver and more apps, can some one share the Zeta 1.0 on IArchive i use a old sony celeron laptop for Zeta testing ah and i give on Archive Wonderbrush xD so regads

According to wikipedia Zeta Neo Deluxe was the name of the RC4, then came the version 1.0.
I can upload it on archive later this week.

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Still got mine Zeta CDs… :cupid:

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seem to be after RC3 and before v1 as @lorezan said.

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and here the Last OS of YellowTab. Zeta 1.2 look here → archive org/details/yellowtab so it work on Sony Vaio Celeron Lol Happy Time Xd

Ow gosh, how much i hated yT for all of their marketing lies in their ads and for the unfulfilled promises they did on the packaging. I always had the feeling they trying to sell a dead stuff.
“Das Betriebssystem der Zukunft”, yeah…

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I have a Zeta 1.0 Deluxe edition rar file I downloaded from a torrent in March 2006 that I just recently found on a older external hard drive. I don’t think I ever tried to use it or even open the rar file. It is about 783 MB.

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hehe proll is toll i try to Instal Zeta 1.2 on my Sony PCG-FR215M(IT) and when everything is ready I will sell the laptop Haiku runs on I7 and Org. Zeta on small retro Vaios, the Vaios can be bought on Ebay for as little as $50. Playing Zeta is fun ah I also have ZETA1.51.zpkg I think the last update from YeloowTab after that came MagnusSoft if someone still wants the last packs PM or archives bye :slight_smile: