Looking for way to open terminal with a custom size

Wondering if anyone know a way to open the terminal with a custom size (not the 4 windows size that are available)?

I know under linux you can configure the terminal with the geometry option (- -geometry=widthxheight+Xposition+Yposition). I’m just playing with a build of conky.


Thanks in advance

Hello! Yes, there is a way. First, resize the window to the desired size. Then, go to Settings menu, and select the Settings option. Inside the settings window, make sure that the option “Window size” is set to “Custom”, and then, click on the “Save to file” button.

This will create a shorcut to the Terminal, with the actual configuration, including the custom size that you settled initially.

This could be used to create any custom configuration (text color, size, etc.).

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Thank you for your answer. The big thing I’m trying to figure out, would be how I could pass the resizing of that one instance of the terminal from a script, leaving any other instances of the terminal at the original default size.

Check out the BeOS/Haiku GUI scripting abilities and the application hey.

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Perfect, I’ll be checking out “hey”! Thank you

Looking at the Terminal sourcecode, it appears there was plans for a “-geom” option, but it is currently not implemented:


Nice! I was thinking about this as well, I wanted to open a custom size Terminal window and auto launch tty-clock like this:

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Long time ago I did a bash script to make simplier (to me) to use hey, especially if you need to put it in a bootscript, you can find it here

and in that page there is a snip of a QuakeTerm too, so you can see its usage

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If want to resize the terminal window you’re using, that’s conveniently identified by process ID in the PPID shell variable. I have a shell script that runs hey, but to get that PPID variable, I use a “shell function” that runs in the same process, to get a valid PPID:

geom () { $HOME/src/sh/ttygeom $PPID $1 $2 ; }

… and the script is essentially

hey $1 let Window 0 do mccl with "rows=int32($2)" and "columns=int32($3)"

with some refinements to handle wrong inputs etc. So I can type geom 40 80 and get a taller window.

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If anyone make changes to terminal, wouldnt it be cool/nice to make terminal a replicant?

Good idea. Like it. But that would need session save/restore capability too, otherwise it would start with a prompt instead of the command we want to see.