Looking For Claes Löfqvist's Email

I am asking him to release the source code to CL-Amp.



He works at volvo and I messaged him through linkedin.

I was in contact with Claes many years ago about open sourcing CL-Amp. He did not respond to that particular question. I do not save my emails, so I do not know which address I contacted him at. But he has an email archived at tripnet.se: Slarti's home page

Address and phone-numbers are public by default in Sweden, but you can opt-out. There is a Claes Löfqvist 57 years old living nearby Gothenburg and he is listed as a programmer, with address and phone numbers here: Claes Löfqvist, 57 år, Rogstorp 190 Kareby | hitta.se

Somebody in Sweden could just give him a call or send him an SMS.

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Null, that appears to be him. On his page he hints that Claes is a common name, but that does appear to be him.

Here is his linkedin.

I hope he is doing well. Maybe if enough people message him (add a note to the friend request) he might consider it.

I emailed the tripnet address but it wasn’t found.

I also emailed him at volvo.com and volvogroup.com using these formats:
Volvo Group email format | Volvo Group.com emails

One exception: I don’t know if email systems use international ligatures and accents. I used the ascii format with his name.

Ah well, XMMS works well and supports winamp skins.