Looking for a master thesis in Innovation- and Technologymanagement

Hello everybody,

As I am watching Haiku evolve for almost 10 years I might offer a win-win situation for the project and me.

I am studying “Innovation- and Technology management” in Vienna and currently I am looking for a master thesis. I know that Haiku is innovative in some way but I can’t really think of a fitting research question. I am relatively free to choose the research question as long as it has something to do with technology, innovation and/or management.

I must confess the idea of asking here came a few minutes ago and therefore I am a little late for this post because I have to present the proposal for the thesis in exactly a week from now on. Don’t worry, I already got a quite boring plan-b-topic about the innovation potential of FLOSS and its marketshare.

But if someone has a good idea, then please do not keep it from me, it would be a pleasure to support Haiku that way.

Best wishes from Austria


PS. Don’t forget, it’s a management related study, so please don’t confront me with an implementation of 3D-acceleration or the porting of your favorite webbrowser :wink:.


Problems relative to updates in software world.
Pro and contras of solutions used on different systems, distributions or even different devices.
You can see things from several points of view i.e from OS side, from contributor side or simply from user side.
This will bring the debate on package management.
In what Haiku’s solution is offering something new in this domain? What are the benefits of this approach?
What could be done to improve things further…

for sure Package manager is innovative

Hi xmeadow,

I would suggest the challenges of release management in opensource projects, with a case study on Haiku and a different project (probably with a better process :slight_smile: ).

Liebe Grüße aus Wien.