Looking for a lib

Hi. Sorry for ask something that i’m pretty sure that was already answered:

I remember that where a way to obtain the information about in wich package from HaikuDepot, an specific library is included.

I tried looking at the parameters for HaikuDepot but didn’t found it.


Right click -> File info -> Attributes
Or listattr in terminal

If you like to work with a gui, use my ListLib


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Hi! Sorry, thanks for the answers, but probably I didn’t expressed correctly: I try to find which package must install to get an specific library. For example: if I’m trying to compile an application that needs the “libQt5Gui” library, I will need to install the Qt5 package.

IIRC, there is a command that shows, which package from HaikuDepot need to install, based in the library that I’m looking for.

Thanks again for your help!

Is there a option in pkgman?

pkgman --help
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Thanks @lelldorin for the hint! This is what was looking for:

pkgman install devel:<libraryName>

Thanks for the help!

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pkgman install lib:libname in your case pkgman install lib:libQt5Gui
I think you will have to define the arch too on gcc2h.

possible options are:

  • cmd:command_name
  • lib:libname
  • devel:libname
  • app:appname
    maybe addon too, but i am not sure.

If the issue comes up when you try to build from Terminal, try searching with pkgman should give you some pointers too :slight_smile:
“pkgman search libQt5Gui”
Default library is installed with the base package, if you need the headers (etc) too you need to install the _devel package also (hint, if the source uses pkg-config/cmake, it needs the _devel package as they mostly provide the *.pc or cmake files for that specific package :slight_smile:


@extrowerk, @Begasus: thank you for your answers! Really appreciate :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there not the ldd command?

There is this https://github.com/diversys/lddtree/blob/master/lddtree.sh