Long live Haiku!

I have just discovered Haiku while i was looking for some latest infos about BeOS!

I saw Haiku…(finally) a free but also a professional BeOS like OS… i am very happy about its existence!

It seems you, Haiku developers and we, -old- BeOS lovers have a long road to go together…

I wish a wonderful success in every part of Haiku!!!

Thanks so much for the great idea,project,work,labour…

Where did you hide during those past 5 years ? :lol:

5 years?? ops :slight_smile:
no stable release in 5 years??? :shock:

Be,inc had stable release alfter ~10 years… so i think the Haiku team is doing pretty well for just 5 years :wink:

You guys are doing great. I have been watching too wanting to help. I miss the progress bar you used to have.