Login Password is possible?

Is there a way to put a password at Haiku startup for securise a minimum the computer and hard drive access?

I don’t know if it’s possible but I will tell you how I simulate it.
My Thinkpad supports various levels of firmware passwords and I have activated them. They protect hard disk as well, unless someone gets it out of the computer!
So, when computer turns on it asks for password before doing anything. It’s good enough for me.
For locking it when Haiku is active I use screensaver with a password.

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Umm I wouldn’t suggest this lol :sweat_smile: Some laptops with EFI will store the password and won’t forget – so probably risky for sure.

A less secure (but less risky) idea would probably be to just turn on hot corners in ScreenSaver and have Haiku lock the screen – or script the screen saver to start (with the lock enabled in the prefs) in the user script. But yeah, Haiku could totally use a lock screen in Beta 3 or R1 or whatever.

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