LMMS probs

I was happy to see LMMS available from HaikuDepot but I’ve just tried it now and unfortuately its got some pretty bad bugs. The first two I spotted, which are enough to make me not want to use it yet are that you cannot move notes by cicking and dragging them and the selection tool that should let you draw a box to select multiple notes doesn’t work either. No box gets drawn when you click and drag in select mode.

I don’t know who ported it to Haiku but I thought they’d prob see my bug reports here. The LMMS build in Depot is still at 1.1.0 but 1.1.3 is out now so maybe just updating it to the latest version will fix these issues? Hopefully so as LMMS seems to be by far the best music app currently available for Haiku.

Apparently Waddlesplash ported it to Haiku. You may contact him on IRC for quicker responce.

Thanks Akuji!

I’ve not been able to catch waddlesplash in IRC since Akuji told me he ported LMMS.

I’ve just had a quick go at compiling LMMS git but I’ve hit an odd problem with Depot. LMMS requires fftw to build. fftw_x86_devel is listed in depot but when I try to install it I get the error “failed to find match for “fftw_x86_devel””. I’ve refreshed the depots a few times but the same thing happens.

Anyone seen this type off error before? What causes it and who do I report it to?

I’ve just got a reply from waddlesplash on IRC and he says the probs I’m having are known bugs for Haiku Qt4. Apparently theres not much we can do about it until Haiku Qt5 arrives.

To install fftw-devel I had to run

pkgman ins devel:libfftw3_x86


pkgman ins libfftw_x86_devel

The error I got is due to a problem with its recipe, not HaikuDepot.

I got LMMS git compiled and installed but, as expected, it didn’t fix my probs with moving and selecting notes.

The recipe for fftw has been fixed. I believe its just waiting for the package to be updated / uploaded.

I downloaded, configured and built LMMS in the way that would be familar to any Linux/UNIX user but then when installing I used

make DESTDIR=/system/non-packaged install

so that the lmms binary ends up in /system/non-packaged/boot/system/bin . This is because /boot/system is reserved for use by the package manager.