Livecd stops at boot

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to boot the Haiku R1Alpha1 livecd but it fails. The problem is that the livecd boots and shows the boot icons lighting up one after the other, but it stops on the disk icon which has a yellow leaf on it. I tried to enable fail-safe mode (IIRC I enabled DM for sata, and single CPU core option) and it booted, but then I couldn’t use either the mouse or keyboard! (I only saw up to the dialog that asks if you want to go to desktop or installer, but no mouse or keyboard to choose any of the options).

I’m sure there is no problem with livecd because it boots correctly on a virtual machine (VirtualBox) and I actually installed it on a VM and use Haiku that way for now, but I would really like to use it on a regular basis (I know it’s alpha). Right now, I’m not sure what kind of information should I offer, but I would greatly appreciate any help and just let me know what info you need from me.

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I think remember in the past, sometimes you gotta let it sit for a while (5-10 minutes) due to funny timeout issues with the ATA stack when trying to detect the drives on certain hardware.

BTW, I had heard disabling DMA in the safe mode options or even fiddling with the legacy support in your BIOS can sometimes help with this scenario.

I think there was also a recent fix during the BG coding sprint that alleviated some additional SATA/AHCI issues like this… but those are post-R1/Alpha1 and require a trunk build currently.

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Hmmm thanks for the BG coding sprint info. Makes me want to try a post alpha build, which I will do tonight! And will let you know of the result!