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A quick hello from the Alchimie X demoparty where I gave a short talk this morning about Haiku news (PM merge, Sam460 port…) ;-)

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Just wondering was it ported to Sam460 and would it be possible to use the developments of this port to update the current ppc Haiku port ? It’s strange but 10 years have passed since then and nothing has been heard about Haiku on sam460.

The work mentionned there is integrated in the Haiku PPC port already, it was done by a Haiku developper and integrated directly into our sourcetree. It was never finished and still does not run.

There are many problems, here are a few I can remember:

  • The Sam460 uses a heavily customized u-boot that is based on an old version. As a result, it does not include various APIs that would make our work a lot easier, and it isn’t possible either to run a newer u-boot (for example one that would support EFI). So, a lot of hardware specific code has to be written even for the very early stages of boot, we need to write our own framebuffer driver, our own serial port driver, etc.
  • The CPU is one designed for embedded systems and has a quite limited MMU, that is a bit of a challenge to get to work with the Haiku kernel properly.

So there is nothing more to say, the developer working on this has been busy with other Haiku and non-Haiku things since then.

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