List for Pressreleases?

As you all know, Haiku is getting closer and closer to a state where it’ll be of the interest to put it in the general interest so to speak =). Congrats to that, however, it’s not just having something which automatically brings attention.

Anyway, since we’re out of budget for anything marketing related, we need to use whatever we can to get the publicity needed, when we’re there (Note: I’d consider that being an issue for the admin team).

A very easy and cheap way to get publicity is simply by making pressreleases. HOwever making them won’t get them read. Therefor, my suggestion would be to “build” a list of mediaaddresses where we can send pressreleases as they get available. Due to spam reasons, I would hardly think having it public is a brilliant idea, but having it built would be nice.

I would consider putting it together in a style like this
NameofMedia Country e-mailadressforPR Techlevel

Techlevel being in a scale, something like
1 = HArdcore technology (Osnews etc)
2 = INtermediate Technology (Cnet)
3 = Low technology (PC Gamer?)
4 = General media

By having something like this, we could easily get things “broadcasted” to a wide public and depending on what the content is we could justify where we send it. HAving Haiku in ALpha 1 would probably involve just sending info to Techlevel 1, while becoming R1 would more likely be for all lists.

Not sure how this would be administered, but having a “public list” except for E-mail adresses would most likely be the wisest way, and only having mail adress showing for admin team. DOing this, it’d allow the community to add relevant addresses to the list.

What do you think?