Linux major.h and ioctl.h


i just tried to compile NDISWrapper and the first error i get is

linux/major.h file not found
linux/ioctl.h file not found

NDISWrapper is not the only tool that requires those header files.
do we have those headers, or can i use some alternative?

i cannot use haiku on my notebook because wlan does not work.
if you can provide a native rtl8192se driver i would be soooooo happy.

You wont be able to just compile ndiswrapper it will need to be adapted to the haiku network driver API. major.h IIRC holds major numbers for certain linux device driver classes (major numbers are used to register/identify drivers with the kernel) and ioctl.h is for linux io controls. So, these files are probably not ever going to be added to haiku.

Like Munchausen mentioned, it is not just a matter of building it, even if you were to find a way around using Gnu/Linux specific headers. NDISwrapper allows you to use Windows (NT 5) drivers with the Linux kernel and is specifically built for that purpose. To put it very simply without going in depth, we use a totally different design and the NewOS kernel, and thus, trying to just compile something not meant for Haiku without changing it is not going to work.

Haiku shares with the FreeBSD network stack. While Haiku does have some Realtek firmware supported (why not try running from Terminal for fun?), it only supports a few cards right now. A list of supported cards (toward the bottom of the page) is linked to here: . That said, my advice, as I’ve given before to others, is to share the connection over AirPort from a Mac or on anything else, simply create a network bridge, and tether your notebook to it.

On a side note, this guy seems to have gotten somewhere with your card model on FreeBSD: . It just might be possible to convert the ndis files from Windows using FreeBSD as mentioned, and from there with an insane amount of luck, you could get the firmware to function on Haiku. Then again, this is only a tip and nothing more.

Is this ported to BSD?

I’m not quite sure, as I haven’t run FreeBSD in a while, and haven’t encountered this particular card. I’m sure someone here that actively runs a BSD on the side would know the answer to that question. I was merely trying to help by doing a quick search on it.

[quote=apgreimann]trying to just compile something not meant for Haiku without changing it is not going to work.

ok, thank you.
i didn’t put too much hope in this one anyway.

forgot to mention, i don’t have any internet access. wlan does not work, lan does not work and tethering with my android phone doesn’t work either. i just said wlan because that is the biggest issue.

thank you, i tested it yesterday.
i used the freebsd vm image to convert the driver, copied it to my notebook and just double clicked it. then it gave me an error. it was something like: missing symbol ‘drv_win’ (can’t remember the exact name) so i guess the driver would still need ndiswrapper installed.

well, main question answered, thank you :slight_smile: