Linux 6.9 abandon Ext2

linux 6.9 abandon Ext2

Should Haiku drop also ext2 ?

With a link from a place like that, in a day like today …

Better keep this kind of playing out of the forums.

Haiku should not follow the path of planned obsolescence.


This is misleading, they are just dropping the ext2 only driver. The modern ext3 driver is still there and supports ext3 volumes.

ext3 driver can still load ext2 volumes… because ext3 is literally just ext2 + journaling.

Edit: acutally the ext4 driver is the current recommended path and yes it can open ext2 filesystems, as well as will enable post Y2038 dates on those filesystems which the ext2 FS driver could not.


Do not forget also that missing kernel support for Ext2 does not mean missing at all support for it, e.g. via FUSE. This is very same situations also for ReiserFS and ZFS for instance.

Not that you should use the ext fuse driver either unless you have to. Pretty much everyone should have the ext4 driver on a modern kernel.