Libsupc++ missing

Running R1b2 x86. Ran software update and updated everything. Using Paladin and PE I created a new sample app with one window and GUI. No changes. When building it gets a linker error saying that libsupc++ is missing.

Any ideas on how to fix it?

I think it was merged into libstdc++? Which version of Paladin is it? I suspect it has an out of date project template trying to link this library when it’s not needed.

Whatever comes from the depot on a fresh install as of today.

Depends on what architecture you are running, the ones in depot are not the same, the 32bit is outdated, the 64bit should be on par, there is a PR open atm at haikuports that you could try to build if you have 32bit …

So this template should be fixed then, no matter which version of Paladin it is. I think there are two versions of Paladin on the Depot. Better to have only one, to not confusing the user! Last time Adam Fowler left a Paladin version which was not on HaikuDepot and I had to compile it for make it work. Which had the German bug fixed, where you could not create a new project with German language selected. This bug is still in the 32bit Haiku Beta 2 version. Change the language to English solves this problem.

the bug is gone just download the paladin app again from the depot. choose the version with the 5stars rating. ver. 2.8git

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