LibreOffice won't start after Haiku OS update

After updating Haiku using the SoftwareUpdater application, LibreOffice crashes on startup.
Haiku is installed on VMware Workstation 15.5.6 under Windows 8.1 (x64).
Crash report file: UPLOAD.EE - LibreOffice_for_Haiku_OS_crash.txt - Download

I tested using a non-virtual Haiku R1B4 x64 (56578+93) w/LO v7.6.2.1 and recent OS/Haikuports updates. No issue on startup.

Working fine here with Virtualbox 7.0 (Void linux as host -linux 6.5.9-) and haiku kernel hrev56578+93 Oct 27 2023

It looks like LibreOffice crashed while trying to read its settings. Try to delete ~/config/settings/LibreOffice and see if it helps.

That is the 32 bits version, known to crash since the update to gcc 13.

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Are there plans for the next beta version of Haiku to allow the SoftwareUpdater application to select only certain packages for update? To be able to prevent the GCC library from being updated to a version that conflicts with LibreOffice for Haiku.

you can do that for the terminal but I don’t think anyone has created a suggestion for that. SoftwateUpdater will only update the complete system currently.

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Libre office does not start on beta 4 64bit witrhout any update too

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You can vote the ticket up in the bugtracker: #14427 (enhancement: SoftwareUpdater: select packages to update) – Haiku (it is already near the top of the most voted tickets list)

I don’t think anyone is currently working on SoftwareUpdater, however.

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