Libreoffice from Haikuports just reverted from 7.x to

I’m running the nightlies of Walter x86_64, and last night ran my semi-regular software update to get up with the latest in the Haikuverse. This led me to witnessing something slightly distressing… Libreoffice appeared to be downgrading itself from to … I wondered if there was some typo involved, or possibly I’d eaten something bad for dinner and was hallucinating; when I looked at the repository at that time it still was reporting v7.x as the current version. I went to bed resolving to deal with it in the morning.

Now it’s the morning, and it appears that this was not a fever-dream. My LibreOffice is now the sub-par version, and that is also what resides in the Haikuports repository. What, pray tell, gives? Where and how do I get back to 7.x?

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I’m sorry to say @bronzie94, though there were reports that LibreOffice 7 was crashing on start up for other users in the Haiku community, and some functionality was broken in relation to opening files. I believe LO 7 should be available again soon enough once these errors are sorted out!


Fair enough :slight_smile: - OK, I will be patient. Did some DDG (and even Google!) searching and did not find obvious explanations, but very glad there is one! Good luck to the bug-squishers :muscle:

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Here is the problem:

It has been updated again, and again it does not work. :frowning:

@bbjimmy - LibreOffice seems to work basically OK on my nightly system versus the earlier 7.0.0 package.


Again it looks like the libreoffice port was not tested before it was released.

It’s weird. On my Haiku 64-bit virtual machine, LibreOffice works without any issues. I can even create a Writing document and reload it.

On my hardware Haiku 64-bit, the opening screen opens in full screen and nothing is selectable, very little is viewable besides grey, and it has to be forcibly killed.

EDIT: Oh. I deleted the settings in Config and re-ran and it looks just fine.

ok, after removing the settings folder, libreoffice_x86- crashes on opening a document and does not remember the name of the file when attempting to recover the file. ( hrev54540)

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