LibreOffice for Haiku, a not-so-short story | Haiku Project


Great work, guys! :beers:


YES!!! I am so excited!!!


And you just can’t hide it? You’re about to lose control and you think you like it?


Please use the “like” button instead of posting messages just to say you’re happy about something. It keeps the forums easier to read :slight_smile:


That seems a bit extreme… a lot of people also wrote to say thanks, should this also be banned because it isn’t technical content? Seems a bit sad if haiku users can’t express enthusiasm for haiku news on the haiku forum!


I like this answer :wink:


:rofl: Here’s what MrEntropy referred to:

You missed this one, huh? :smiley:


Allright. But imagine when we have thousands of users here and all of themm feel urged to write a “thank you” reply. This may seem nice, but then we’re left with pages and pages of replies which eventually don’t bring much value. And the Like buttons allows the forum to grant badges to the most liked people, isn’t that nice?

I guess it’s ok as long as the community is small enough, still.