Let's talk about AI in OS


I’am curriently interest little about AI systems, and I shot a “new” Intel Neural Compute Stick 2
on USB port.
Goes near a find a API


Witch, don’t support a HAIKU, WHY?


IT needs only OpenCV, GCC, Python and CMake. Where does it fails to build it?

Because nobody cared so far, so feel free to work on it.


Is it AI in or on Haiku?
It makes huge difference - no?

(Reading the OP, probably “on”.)

Inference is seldom used for desktop applications. Haiku is designed for desktop usage exclusively. If you need an embedded operating system to quickly recognize realtime video or audio data, that’s an entirely different form-factor. The kernel and some other parts could be used for an embedded system but it’s not the main puropse.

I suggested loose discussions about AI, both in or on Haiku

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Inference ML.AI are in infancy, any OS worth it’s salt should be implementing or adding infrastructure for NN acceleration

If you want to implement AI in Haiku, all I ask is that it be an optional package. The voice recognition on my Android phones have been the biggest waste of resources on the internal flash memory that I’ll never be able to free up. What an absolute craplet! I say the same about Windows 10 and 11. Don’t ever put AI on my desktop. Not ever!


What about Assambly AI? Who know something. It’s a future demoscene competition?

Link please?

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No Link indeed, sorry but it’s a beer ware as always