Lesson 23: Polish and Packaging Our Project | Haiku Project

This lesson finishes up the project that the last two have been about: HaikuFortune, a program which randomly chooses and displays a fortune in a window. It’s not a very complicated one, but it exemplifies a reasonably well-coded real-world project. Although it was code complete as of the end of Lesson 22, it was not finished, missing icons and other resources. This concludes the project with adding resources, a basic discussion on source code licensing, and packaging a program for Haiku.

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link not working http://darkwyrm.beemulated.net/downloads/pdf/Learning%20to%20Program%20With%20Haiku%20Lesson%2023.pdf

Please refer to the updated link references, located at:


Including lesson 23.


DarkWyrm was notified sometime back about this and he said he’d look into it, but maybe wasn’t able to get it resolved(?).

All of Darkwyrm’s lessons were migrated to the Haiku website a while back and are linked under “Learning to Code” on the Development page.
If people want to adjust URLs in his personal blogs, create PRs to the website, please.

They are also now hosted at github: https://github.com/pulkomandy/programming-with-haiku

I’ve started converting them to Asciidoc from ODT so they are browsable directly in github and trackable as text files in git. Working on this on and off (you can get a decent conversion using pandoc, but some cleanup is needed).

The lessons are relicensed to allow derivatives, so they can be updated, translated, etc.

I’m still wondering if I should move this repo to haikuarchives or haiku org on github.

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Moving them to a more “official” repo may be a good idea. Might increase visibility and increase the chance of contributions. Add issues with a “need-help” tag for smaller tasks. :slight_smile: