Lenovo Z580 boot issue

Need help. I am trying to boot Haiku on my Lenovo Z580. 6-7mo I was able to boot Haiku just fine on this hardware, with only a few driver issues, but it booted and installed to HD just fine. Over the last month or so I have been tying to get Haiku to boot on this same hardware but it no longer. It gets to the HD icon and then KDL. I have tried a number of safe mode options but to no relief. I know there is a way to get debugger out of this. I have a Fat formatted USB but I can’t remember how to get the boot log to write to it so I can open a ticket.



Hello. Try to post (or better, open a ticket) with a pic from the KDL.

If you can’t open a ticket, try to post here, and I will open the ticket for you.

Opened a ticket with a Pic of the KDL. Ticket 12949