Lenovo z470 optimus nvidia/intel

Hi, i was trying to test haiku on my laptop but it just show some colors and halt there, can it work in my hardware? what about the two graphic cards? by the way how is going the 3d support? i really want install it in this laptop.

You might want to try booting in a ‘safe’ mode and see if it will come up…if it comes up in ‘safe’ mode, using the VESA driver, then it’s just a matter of drivers…

You can read here how to boot into safe mode:

As far as optimus support goes - there is none. So you may want to configure one or other of the GPUs in the BIOS. I don’t know if this is something that might need more consideration in the GPU work that is slowly happening (I just got a ThinkPad P50 with optimus so having support eventually would be nice).

Very sad, Is hard to make the optimus support? haiku eve have a Hardware video support?

Integrated Intel vcard is enough for Haiku. There’s no need in Optimus 'cause Haiku uses GPU for output only.

i need it for blender, and godot engine.

I mean there’s no need for Optimus under Haiku 'cause GPU acceleration not supported.