Lenovo Yoga 6 Standard Touchpad Not Working on Yoga 6 Convertible

So I installed Haiku on my Lenovo Yoga 6 and to my dismay the built-in trackpad , which is just the general touchpad availablke on most notebooks didn’t work even in initial install. Of course I used an external USB mouse to get started with hopes of finding the solve later. I want to say I’m doing this with the idea that Haiku is supposed to be the Future of BeOS and hooking an external mousse to the laptop would be counterintuitive to using it in modern life. So just a tad bit more than an inconvenience.

Now, i’m kind of curios why this happens. Because newer wireless drivers I can get. Because generally wireless compatability is an issue with anything outside Winbloat (my fave nickname for Windows since 91). Anyway. from what I understand Haiku supports cross compatibility with OpenBSD (and FreeBSD) .

That being said Lenovo (previously IBM) laptops are traiditionally the gold standard for most POSIX systems including all the BSDs (BSDi, FreeBSD, NetBSD, GhostBSD, et. al.). I can pratically guarantee my trackpad will fully function with those BSDs, Linux, and even OpenSolaris (Illumnos, OpenIndiana) which has a far more restrictive codebase.

I guess I am trying to wrap my head around what’s holding it back and if maybe it might be something to look at. Of coiurse I don’t mean full focus R&D and I’m defenitely not trying to hap hazzardly compare and say OMG…I certainly am not one for underestimating the complexities of the problem.

It’s just that I’ve also noticed Haiku has a similar problem with Plug and Play , where let’s say you plug in and out certain USB devices frequently (i.e. USB Ethernet) causes it to crash.

I also say this because the TouchPad and any other pointer device (pointer bump/nub, touchscreen) are compliant with the MS Compatible API that most systems have used through the early 90s. Even OpenSolaris can use both the Trackpad and Touchscreen (without special software) under this API compatibility. Again, i’m not trying to compare in the OMG even this one can do this. But understand the nuance. Mostly because this sseems less of a userland (user-space issue) and more of a hardware layer systems issue (i.e. kernel init, and boostrap).

Thanks in advance for any thoughtful responsess. And to anyone who’s going to reply, it just doesn’t work get a mouse. I’m well aware. I’m looking for more thoughtful responses that may lead to sustainable solutions for everyone. Thank you so much for reading and sincere thanks to everyoine who contributes.

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what are you referring to here, and do you have links to a specification?

I know of 3 ways to wire inpout devices:

  • ps/2. This used to be common for touchpads, but it’s on the way out now for modern machines. We have quite good drivers for this, at least it should get you basic “move the pointer and click” support even if it doesn’t implement everything else for all touchpad models
  • usb. Mostly used for external devices. Our driver should not have too much problems.
  • i2c. This is somewhat new (well, a few years old now) and we don’t yet have the drivers for it. There are issues all over the stack: on my machine, the development for this has been stuck at problems at the pci layer trying to initialize the i2c controller. Inother cases it goes a bit further but our i2c bus drivers are still a bit early.