Legacy BeOS Developer Edition somewhere?


5 years ago Fabien Lusseau published a BeOS Developer Edition 2.2.

It was available from several sites including BeBits (http://www.bebits.com/app/4058) but the linked resource is not more available (and I suppose it is since a long time yet).

The missing file is DeveloperEdition-1-1-boot-and-main.zip. Perhaps that an ancient BeOS dev or enthusiast has still that in a cdrom or a forgotten hard disk partition ?


try looking on the torrents for it. I found “BeOS + Bone” easily enough. Its fun to play with :slight_smile:

Great :o)
I feel dumb for not having the idea to search in torrents.

I have found several files still available (among is the developer 2.1) and I am waiting for the download completion.
I wonder if there will be some visible differences from my old BeOS Max 3.1…

Thanks !