Leave this Forum!

Leave this Forum!

Am I actually too stupid to find this ‘menu item’, or does it simply not exist?
Too bad, if it does, all my useless posts will continue to exist and take up unnecessary space.
Maybe an administrator will have mercy and delete this useless stuff!
For your understanding:
I am neither offended nor conceited - but these useless and endless discussions about NOTHING bore me.
I had already retired from here years ago and then returned because Haiku wouldn’t get out of my head - but not much has changed as far as the quality of the ‘forum content’ is concerned!
Who thinks I’m the only one (statistical probability)?

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I’m not too sure what you’re trying to get across - is this regarding the creation of a “Marketing” forum topic?

I don’t think our discussions on here are ‘boring’ - people talk about development on here, some talk about Be Inc. hardware, and we’ve discussed promotion efforts for Haiku as well as how we can make use of funds in the Inc.

I think it might be better for any speakers of your native language on here to step in and help out and discuss with you what it is you’re frustrated about.


Hahaa, the “Haiku Marketing” thread is actually a good exercise for me in “if you don’t have anything positive or constructive to say, don’t say anything at all” :wink: So far I’m doing quite well.
No reason to leave the forum or the Haiku project just because of that…

It is not great to see, people leaving because they are missunderstood.

Polli is quickly irritated because he has problems with the language (english) and it is probably a lot of effort for him to always have everything he writes translated before. The same reading aswers.

I hope that this will not happen too often.

Do you know what his native language is? Maybe we could get someone to help interpret for him.

German is his native language

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Do you speak German? If you do maybe you could help out by sending a PM to him and asking him what the matter is and what he’s frustrated about. Thanks!

I would leave him alone for now. We stopped him once before because he was dissatisfied. Maybe it should be like that or he will come back another time again.

He also said he was leaving the forum, which does not mean he is no longer using haiku.

And yes german is my native language too.

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There are language specific sections on the forum already, maybe they should be used more.

Due to pressure from the english speaking community, they do not show up on the main page, you have to go here: https://discuss.haiku-os.org/c/international/20

I think helping non-English speakers here in the forum informally (without using language specific forums) would work quite well if they actually want to be helped. I don´t mind helping out German speaking people who are uncomfortable with English as long as they are not engaging in childish behaviour like the thread starter did.


Maybe we could consider making those more visible? This would make it more obvious that the forums are multilingual communities. I’m curious to hear what the rationale was for wanting these sections hidden.

i find the international forum confusing. because all non-english languages ​​are mixed up there. only a few will look for solutions.

I think posts are marked with their language though, for example, a German forum post is marked with “[DE]” and then the forum topic name.

I would apreciate that, it took me months to even realize that this section existed.

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ah ok I thought it is allread marked by that!?