LD_PRELOAD=libroot_debug.so...doesn't work?

Trying to debug an app with this results in an error.

libstdc++.so.6.0.24: Could not resolve symbol '___tls_get_addr'

What can i do to fix this?

I’ve not seen this exact one before, but if the names are anything to go by, ensure you link in the openssl library.

This is not openssl. This is something that has to do with Thread Local Storage, I think normally this stuff is in the libc.

This means you are trying to use the GCC2 libroot_debug with GCC7 libstdc++. Use the full path to the correct libroot_debug.so (in /system/lib/x86).

Thanks @waddlesplash, to be honest, i thought about that, but then i got distracted and i forgot all about it.

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Please, put a special message on the runtime loader that states:

‘You are mixing gcc2 with gcc7 libraries’ in that case, like it happens with the #6400 case. Would solve some issues like this (and some mines)