LD link missing, old JAM version, plus suggestion

Hi to Kurtis,

I noticed that the link to the update LD linker isn’t working, can you please
fix this?

Also, the Haiku Build Factory uses Jam 2.5RC3 while, the site seems to host 2.4 still. Can this be updated?

And there’s a small typo in the general section, twice (PFD) is mentioned, instead of (PDF) ;-).

And lastly, I found this handy printable CVS Quick reference card:

Sometimes paper is best!

The LD link is fixed. It basically had another http:// in front of the url - nasty actually as it made me go to microsoft.com – now that’s evil :twisted:

I’ll fix up the Jam with the latest, you can also build jam yourself as it’s in the source tree.

In current/src/tools/jam/ you can type make, then you’ll have it. (probably called jam0 - just rename as jam and place it in your /boot/home/config/bin/ directory)

and the refcards, nice. got the A4 one on my wall now :smiley: