LBackup Git?

Hi all

My question is for @lelldorin (Sorry dude, i cant mp you :sweat_smile:)

Have LBackup any git to send some improves?

Im working on improves of this great app and i want to pull to update a little…

How can i send you this ?


Please use our BugTracker for this :slight_smile:

Happy new year

BeSly Software Solutions

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Happy new year for u 2


Frohen neues Jahr @lelldorin
On a sidenote, got word that imagemagick-gui is broken, looking into the packagelist I see it doesn’t mention _x86 for it, maybe a rewrite needed?

Happy new Year to you and all arround

Yes i need to take a look into it. I need to check if there are changes in imagemagick? I think it can not be a problem with yab.

Not a problem with yab, it’s just a wrong requirement for imagemagick there (ps, runs fine on 64bit too but there is no package at BeSly for it?) :slight_smile: