Lazarus build for Haiku

In the report of the 30th BeGeistert i red the quoted interesting thing:

“With his right hand, on his other laptop, Olivier worked on updating and
fixing FreePascal, Qt4Pas and Lazarus, getting them all to run again.
He is now looking for help to write recipes for these and get them
packaged and available in the Haiku Depot, opening a new way for people
to write Haiku apps without first learning C++.”

Is nobody out here who could help Olivier Coursière, to get a package for lazarus?

The install instructions on the freepascal wiki no longer works:

Especialy this step should be adjusted to the new file system architecture:

“You should have in /boot/common/lib/. The last step is to
add a link to this library in /boot/develop/abi/c86/gcc4/lib.”

I Think it would be nice, to have such a excellent IDE on Haiku again.

Thanks in advance!


and then a rebuild of egsl (easy game scriting with lua) will be possible again. this bring back a easy to learn development language for programming 2d games

I am also looking for work version lazarus
Where can I download a working hpkg-packs fpc and lazarus?

If you want do the first step - installing freepascal 3.0 on Haiku - you could do that very easily without an hpkg.

Download from a place of your choice freepascal:

unzip where you want and start in a terminal “sh” accepting all defaults suggested. If you choose install IDE it would not be lazarus but a simple IDE according to Turbo Pascal from the late eighties:slight_smile:

But the hope is, to get a hpkg for lazarus in the future.


Download from a place of your choice freepascal:

Can not download the package:

Connected to
220-- G D S ------ Welcome to Goodie Domain Service
220-- D – Vienna University of Technology, Austria
220-- S – Dept. of Information Technology Services
220-- ****** Your Source of Open Source ******* -
220- What’s in store here ?
220-### Goodies: Open Source Software, Freeware ###
220- Select access via ftp / http / rsync
220- paths are the same
220- All offerings on the basis AS IS
220- and you know, NO WARRANTY of any kind
220- See also Disclaimer and privacy policy @
220- Troubles or anything missing ?
220- Let us know.
331 Please specify the password.
230 Login successful.
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.
200 Switching to Binary mode.
250 Directory successfully changed.
250 Directory successfully changed.
250 Directory successfully changed.
250 Directory successfully changed.
250 Directory successfully changed.
250 Directory successfully changed.
local: fpc-3.0.0.i386-haiku.tar remote: fpc-3.0.0.i386-haiku.tar
227 Entering Passive Mode (192,35,244,50,203,227).
550 Failed to open file.
221 Goodbye.
Press any key

If i remember right, i downloaded it from the sourceforge site with https via Qupzilla without any problems.