Lazarus Binaries for Haiku


I compiled lazarus and qt4pas for HAIKU.
You can read my installation steps and you can download binary files from think link.

Hello! I Installed it and aparently, starts and works well. However, when it starts, ask for the FreePascal compiler. The binary compiler is included, or must be installed / compiled separately?

Sorry for my “dumb” question! :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, thank you a lot for contribute with Haiku !!!



I’m sorry for late answer. Please be careful for number 3 in installation guide.

You have to download fpc file from and install.

Best Regards

Ali , maybe including fpc in lazarus package is a good idea? Why dont have ‘Full package’ instead of ‘Half Package’ Lazarus. It will help a lot, because everyone will need to take instalation steps everytime [on first downloading lazarus, and on every instalation of fresh haiku], and if you include fpc, nobody needs to do additional steps. Its a logistic optimisation :smiley:


Absolutely. StreaK is right.

The best thing would be to have a single-file download package, that includes everything for the newbie programmer, i.e. compiler, Lazarus, libraries, bindings, sample programs, etc.

This would make Pascal an ideal language of development on Haiku (especially for those who don’t like C++, and are nor interested in Python).