Lavapipe (software Vulkan driver) on Haiku

Mesa 20.3 just got released today:

One of the highlights is a new software Vulkan driver based on LLVMpipe called Lavapipe (formerly VALLIUM). Having this on Haiku would let Vulkan run on the OS and open up more possibilities for apps that can be ported and made. In addtion, it will be useful for future-proofing as more applications like LibreOffice and Godot begin to move towards using it. Vulkan is also heavy on multithreading, which seems like a good fit with Haiku.

Would like to hear whether it is viable or not in the near future, how it could benefit (or not) applications on Haiku, etc.


I managed to make it running: Vulkan lavapipe software rendering is working on Haiku.