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quick question:

Is there any way to have Launchbox start upon startup? And for that matter is there a way to add applications to be launched at startup? I really like Launchbox as a way to keep my desktop clean, and also it’s just really useful for app navigation, and every time I restart my computer, I have to launch Launchbox manually!

Thanks so much


Just find LaunchBox (probably in /boot/apps) and use Tracker (Right click, Create Link In) to create a symlink to it in /boot/home/config/boot/launch. Anything in that directory is started at boot time.

I added that feature several years ago, but clearly we need to document it better or make a simple GUI around it.

Gotta Love LaunchBox! I will be Symlinking it to my start-up too, it’s on my list.

BTW, does it have any orientation features, I didn’t notice any?

Best Regards - Ian

It can be set to horizontal mode within it’s context menu:

My appologies for being lazy.

Full marks on a wonderfully written User Guide. I shall pay significantly more attention to it from now on.
A recommendation to new users : RTFM - it’s a good one!

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