Latest update of Haikuporter changes?

Just wondering why the latest update of HaikuPorter has removed the option for --no-dependencies when building pkgs? I’m assuming it’s to make it easier to follow along with the guide on how to build pkgs using HaikuPorter. it’s not a big deal, but it just seems like another loss for the user being able to control how he does things.

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@kallisti5’s commit message:

haikuporter: no-dependencies now default behaviour

  • Inverse --all-dependencies added which will build all outdated dependencies of a port.
  • Your fingers will thank me.

--no-dependencies is now just the default. If you do want to build all dependencies - which was the default before - you need to add --all-dependencies. See, the user wasn’t screwed over “again”…


Thank you for the explaination! My apologies if it seemed like I was going down the “user was screwed over again” route.

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Maybe I should’ve added a " :slight_smile: " there… came across a bit harsh.