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Hi all,

Finally got round to installing Haiku on my spare laptop, an Acer N550JK. Amazing effort, I remember the early days of OBOS vs BlueEyedOS and it’s incedible to see the progress that’s been made. Only one thing doesn’t seem to work on this laptop - the touchpad. Well, it works in the sense I can use it as a mouse, but I can’t configure two-finger scrolling and other parameters.

I’m using the nightlies as I couldn’t get any of the Beta builds to install. It looks like there used to be a Touchpad preferences utility, but in the recent nightlies it looks like this has disappeared, it looks like it’s been rolled into the “Input” prefs program ?

Either way, I don’t see any way of configuring it, or even if it has been recognised as a touchpad (from various other sources, I believe this is an “Elan” device). How might I get started diagnosing the issue, and seeing if I can get it recognised and two-finger scrolling configured ?



Former Mouse Touchpad and keyboard Preferences went to Input Preferences
You can enable two finger scrolling there

But as you are pointing out, Even I cannot see the touchpad settings anymore… Moreover plugging and unplugging an external mouse increases the lists of mouse availables (plug adds 3 lines, unplug removes 1 line) I think some bug here…

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It is either a bug in the Input preflet, or what seems to be more realistic: your hw is handled as a standard ps2 mouse instead of touchpad. This happens either:

  • your hw isnt supported
  • the driver is incomplete (ALPS, ELAN, afaik)

You should check which driver loaded for your hw (listimage), but i assume it is just the simple ps2 mouse driver.

So create a ticket if there is none about this hw, because there is handful of different toucchpads and not all of them have adequate support in Haiku.

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