Laptop function keys for volume, etc

Is there currently support for using the Volume and Brightness function keys on laptop keyboards? It wasnt doing anything on mine, so was curious.

AuggieDoggie mentioned something in process on Gerrit for this,

So I guess the answer, as of today, is no its not supported. But at least its been started!


Yes there was a big discussion on Telegram a week ago.
Some Laptops a very few work by hardware.
Like some Intel atom/intel extreme Laptops like mine.
But there is no software driver yet.
Looks like there is interest in working on it.

Edit: Telegram Discussion from 15.September


No there isn’t. I started work on that quite some time ago but then got distracted. (Mainly by dark mode… )

What i did already:

What needs to be done:

  • Increase size of keymap format from 128 to 256 keys to make room for all new keys
    (That is partly done with what i have done in review 1695)
  • update all keymaps for this bigger size and have the keys assigned
  • update shortcuts preferences to allow for default actions
  • add default shortcuts for mute, volume down, brightness etc.

If you want to do any of that feel free to coordinate with me since I already dug around quite a bit to figure stuff out that is needed. I’ll probably get around to it again eventually. : D

This is because the BIOS controls those keys, and not the OS then.